Primary 6F

Hi P6F,

I hope you are all keeping safe and well. It was lovely to see so many of you in person last Wednesday when you collected your school reports! 

I can not believe our year together in Primary 6 has finished and that the next time we will see each other you will be the big Primary 7 children! 

I am so proud of you all for how hard you have worked this year - P6 is always a very challenging year, but it has never been more challenging than this year! It is such a credit to each of you for how much resilience and strength you have shown throughout this difficult time. Thank you all for the great effort you have given throughout this year! 

I know this is not the end to our time together that anyone would have wanted but we will catch up properly when we return for the new school year.

I hope you all have an amazing summer, take some time off to have a break and refresh yourselves and I look forward to seeing you all again in person at the end of August!

Well done Primary 6!

Stay safe and best wishes!

Mr Fenton x






Virtual Sports Day!

Hi P6. Thanks to those who took part in the Virtual Sports Day! It was great to see the photographs that everyone sent in - thank you!

Event                      Boys 1st           2nd            3rd                 Girls 1st          2nd

Sprint                      Noah              Jude            George             Madi              Rachel

Egg & Spoon             Matthew        Noah            Jude                Rachel           Madi

Speed Dribble          Jude              George         Noah                Madi             Rachel

Toe Taps                   George          Matthew       Noah                Madi             Rachel

Target Throw        Noah+George    Matthew       Nathan            Rachel           Madi

Distance Jump         George           Nathan         Matthew          Rachel           Madi

Height Jump           Matthew     Noah+George    Nathan            Rachel           Madi

Parther Pass            Noah               Matthew       Nathan            Madi             Rachel

Well done to everyone who took part! 

P6 Summer Transfer Tests and Summer Work


Please see the document posted on Google Classroom called, "Summer Transfer Test Information 2020" as it explains the transfer tests that you need to complete throughout the summer and gives suggestions for how to continue working and being engaged with other Maths and English work. 



Week beginning Monday 22nd June 2020 - activities for each week

Complete the following work from your work packs below:



Revise the next Unit of spellings in your new pack and complete the exercises too (4 spelling sheets) and then continue in order.

You should have already revised Lists 23-27, if this is not the case, then catch up ASAP.

2 days of Daily Literacy - further Daily Literacy sheets posted in Google Classroom

3 Literacy sheets

Reading – read for 30 minutes a day



3 days of Mental Maths

3 Maths sheets



Play mental maths games on

Watch the daily maths puzzles and challenges on the link below for Year 5 and 6 (P6+P7) and have a go! 


Transfer Test

Complete 1 transfer test a week. This week complete P7 T12. 

There is not a P7 T1, P7 T4 or P7 T10 transfer test.

I will post the answers to P7 T12 and all of the remaining answers on Google Classroom ONLY, so please check there for the answers, the surveys for each test to complete and Mrs Johnston's support videos.


Please continue to complete at least 1 transfer practice paper a week. You have been given Rosetta Practice Papers 12-20 which can be completed in order. Also, you have been given 2 practice G.L English and 2 Maths papers to complete. If you take time off - then catch up as soon as you can.


Throughout the summer, I will continue to post the transfer test results, Mrs Crawford will continue to post the surveys for each test to allow Mrs Johnston to know which questions to provide videos for. This is a great resource for learning - please continue to engage with it!


Answers for the transfer tests will be posted now only in Google Classroom.

Please keep a record of your test scores for ALL tests, e.g. P6 T4 = 80% etc.

We will take note of your scores when we return next year.



In Google Classroom, I have posted a literacy and numeracy study book. It is worth reading through and revising and completing any activities or questions that are provided for each topic. Read the information carefully that is posted with each booklet as there are specific areas to learn and revise and other areas which are not needed for the test. Hope they are useful and help you out! 

Throughout the summer, continue learning and working through your numeracy and literacy booklets. Use this time to look over and improve topics that you have found difficult this year so far and use the revision tests you have completed to help you.

A good revision tool is to use the previous revision tests - you can recreate similar questions yourself or if enough time has past then you could reuse the test. You can see how I edit and change each test from one test to another and do likewise.

Another good revision tool is to recreate questions from the Transfer Practice Tests similar to those that were asked in the past papers. Especially if you create similar questions on questions that your child may have got wrong.

Please encourage your children to look up and define correctly any words from the texts in the Transfer Practice Papers, that they do not know the meaning of using a dictionary or by searching online. This will help develop their vocabulary and be very useful for future tests.

This week, you can learn the list of "opposites", on the first page of opposite booklet that I posted in Google Classroom. Hopefully you should already know how to spell most of the "opposites" in this list - test yourself and learn how to spell any words that you have difficulty with. Complete the other opposites lists and Exercises 112-118 that are included with each opposite prefix or suffix too either orally or write the answers down if you have not already done so.

Revising through your literacy revision booklet is an excellent way to build and develop your vocabulary further, as it contains many old fashioned and challenging words that could be used in the transfer test.

Keep up the hard work - it will be worth it!



Other Areas


World Around Us: See Google Classroom for work on our new topic, "The Life and Work of Florence Nightingale".






Time Capsule Project

Primary 6 Practice Test Answers

Class Photographs 


STEM - Build a Bridge Rainforest Challenge




Primary 6 visited Delamont Educational Centre for a two night residential in October. As you can see from the pictures we had lots of fun!

Primary 6F Display Work

Primary 6F iPad Work