Rosetta Primary School

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Rosetta Primary School

‘Nurturing and inspiring every child towards success.’


WELCOME TO P1 with Miss Brown!!

Well done to all the Primary One children who have settled in so well. A big thank you to parents for all your support so far. It is much appreciated!

Already the children have made lots of new friends and have learnt many new skills. The children have been learning;

- to sort, match, count and recognise numbers within 10

- make sets and patterns

- pre-writing and pre-reading skills

- sequence a story and make titles

- all about the signs of Autumn and Harvest

- to make class rules and be a good friend  

All About Me

We will be learning all about;

  • Families - Who makes up our family
  • How I have changed - a timeline for your child
  • Memories - creating a memory box of special items they have had since birth
  • Different cultures
  • Friendships - linked with the NSPCC programme
  • Babies - Caring for babies

We love learning all about our families and how we are all different.

We decided it is so much better to be different than to all be the same! 



We had great fun talking about our feeling and creating our own emoji plates!

Here are some photographs, can you work out what feeling we are showing?

Our Autumn Walk

This week we went on our Autumn walk to Cherryvale.

We looked at all the lovely colourful trees. The trees that lose their leaves are deciduous tree like Oak, Horse Chestnut and Sycamore. Trees that stay green all year round are evergreen, like our Christmas trees!

We collected lots of leaves of different shapes, colours and sizes to use for our Autumn crafts. We even brought back some prickly holly with berries, conkers and pine cones.

For a lovely treat we had some time in the play park.

Poor Miss Brown was very worried when she saw how high we were climbing!

Making Vegetable Soup

What could be better after a chilly autumn walk than a bowl of delicious homemade vegetable soup!
We all helped to peel and chop the vegetables and then enjoyed (at least some of us did) a delicious cup of our very own soup.

The corridor smelled delicious and some of the teachers said their tummies were rumbling.

During maths week we had lots of fun investigating different mathematical skills. Sorting objects from our autumn walk, exploring shape with our bodies, weighing objects relating to our big book “Room on the broom” and looking at ordering objects in relation to their height.

Maths is all around us, not just in a text book or on a worksheet and it actually is LOTS OF FUN! 

Our science experiment this week was to investigate which washing product gave us the most bubbles. We tested a bar of soap, shower gel, washing up liquid and hand wash. We discovered liquid hand soap gave us the best bubbles. 

Outdoor playtime is a chance to experience learning outside of the classroom, using many of the skills we have been taught in a  different way. It’s one of our favourite times in the week. Have a look at the photos of us having fun.

It’s time for vibrant colourseye-popping fireworks, twinkling lights and delicious food! Ready? Then check out our facts about Diwali...

Diwali is an important religious festival originating in India.
Rangoli is a popular Diwali tradition-  beautiful patterns made using colourful powders and flowers. People draw Rangoli on the floor by the entrance of their homes to welcome the gods and bring good luck!
During this festival, people decorate their homes with lights and oil lamps, called diyas. 
Diwali, a five-day Festival of Lights. 


Camping can be lots of fun, with so many things to explore and experience! We thought we would like to try some of the fun camping activities that we discussed.
Have a look at the list of activities we came up with and then enjoy our pictures. 


Our list of activities:

put up a tent
make a campfire
cook some hotdogs
make hot chocolate
sing songs
tell scary stories
look at the stars
make shadows
toast marshmallows


We had great fun sitting around the campfire, telling stories and singing songs.

We ended our afternoon with delicious mugs of hot chocolate topped with marshmallows, yummy!!

 What is a Shadow? 

You are running around in the park on a bright sunny day, but you aren’t alone. It seems that everywhere you go something is following you. When you walk slowly, it walks slowly and when you run it runs! But you aren’t being chased by a person - it’s just your shadow. 

shadow is the dark shape made when something blocks light. You must have a source of light in order to have shadows.

Some sources of light include the sun, a light bulb in your room, a torch, or a campfire that you sit around and roast marshmallows. All kinds of things are great at blocking that light and making shadows, including trees, fences, buildings - and you!

We had great fun making shadow animals on the interactive whiteboard. We found out that the closer we are to the light the bigger the shadow is and the further away we are from the light the smaller the shadow is.


Camping fun in P1

There have been some strange sightings in the Foundation Stage corridor, some paw prints that were never there before! 
However, we are brave and scared of nothing so paw prints and growling noises won’t keep us away. 

2nd December

Naughty Eddie!! Can you believe this little scamp took our cotton wool from the craft cupboard to pretend that it had snowed! He scrunched up some paper to make snowballs and then asked did we want a Snowball fight. We’re going to have to keep an eye on our new classroom buddy!

3rd December

Who knows what Eddie and Tigger were up to last night but they’re just “hanging around” this morning!

6th December

Eddie must have been trying to be a star at the top of our tree but he got tangled up in the tinsel and was stuck here all weekend

7th December

Oh no!!! Eddie has been such a naughty boy and has helped himself to some of the chocolate from our Advent Calendar. Our boys and girls were very disappointed and made sure he stayed on his shelf all day! 

Term 2 

The Building Site

This term we will be looking at the people who work on a building site and the jobs that they do. Building sites are dangerous so we must never play in a real one. People who work there MUST wear hard hats and high visibility jackets.

We have had great fun taking on the different roles of people who work on a building site. We have drawn buildings like an architect, we have built houses and extensions for our toy houses using Lego and other construction materials. We tested materials to see which are waterproof and would be good to use for roofing and we even re-enacted the story of The Three Little Pigs.

Builder - he is responsible for digging good foundations and for building the framework of the house.

Architect - he draws plans detailing how the house is going to look. He must give very good measurements or the house will not be the right size.

Health and Safety - there are lots of rules on the building site and everyone must follow them. This man checks that everyone is safe and that the machines are all working properly.

Electrician - he makes sure that electricity is safely put into the house. We need electricity to make our appliances and lights work!

We were given a piece of green paper, we pretended that it was a grassy garden. We covered every part of the grass with different objects to see how many of each item we needed to cover the whole area.

We used large dice, lollipop sticks, glue sticks, felt tip pens,  dominoes, counters, and compare bears. We had to be very careful placing them on the page as we didn’t want any spaces.

This was very tricky but when we worked together we found the task easier.

 Friday Cookery Club

Primary 1 have had 6 fun weeks of cookery club on a Friday after school. We have looked at Fairtrade products, made pizza, fresh lemonade, sticky buns, fruit skewers and sandwiches

Here in P1 we are celebrating, we have learned all of our sounds by following the Letterland Programme. What better way to celebrate than to have a dress up day.

Have a look at our pictures and see how many characters you can name!

In PE we have been working on our Aiming and Throwing skills.
We created our own version of Angry birds by balancing balls on cones and buckets. We had to throw beanbags at the balls to try and knock them over. It was great fun

Miss Brown’s virtual tour P1 intake September 2021