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Rosetta Primary School

'Everyone's invited. Everyone's included. Everyone's encouraged.'


WELCOME TO P1 with Miss Brown!!

Well done to all the Primary One children who have settled in so well. A big thank you to parents for all your support so far. It is much appreciated!

Already the children have made lots of new friends and have learnt many new skills. The children have been learning;

- to sort, match, count and recognise numbers within 5

- make sets and patterns

- pre-writing and pre-reading skills

- sequence a story and make titles

- all about the signs of Autumn and Harvest

- to make class rules and be a good friend  

All About Me

We will be learning all about;

  • Families - Who makes up our family
  • How I have changed - a timeline for your child
  • Memories - creating a memory box of special items they have had since birth
  • Different cultures
  • Friendships - linked with the NSPCC programme
  • Babies - Caring for babies

We love learning all about our families and how we are all different.

We decided it is so much better to be different than to all be the same! 



Each of our P1 children has been given a P7 buddy to look after them in the playground at break time. They came down and played with us on our first day in Rosetta and continue to play with us every Monday and Wednesday. I think P7 enjoy this as much as the P1s


We had great fun talking about our feeling and creating our own emoji plates!

Here are some photographs, can you work out what feeling we are showing?

Our Autumn Walk

We had a fantastic time on our Autumn walk to Cherryvale on Friday 29th September.

We looked at all the lovely colourful trees. The trees that lose their leaves are deciduous trees like Oak, Horse Chestnut and Sycamore. Trees that stay green all year round are evergreen, like our Christmas trees!

We collected lots of leaves of different shapes, colours and sizes to use for our Autumn crafts. We even brought back some prickly holly with berries, conkers and pine cones.

For a lovely treat we had some time in the play park.

Poor Miss Brown was very worried when she saw how high we were climbing!

Our autumn fun didn’t end last Friday! Today we used all the items we had collected in every lesson. 


Autumn crafts, Leaf men, Nature’s numberline, Andy Goldsmith collages, Find the spiders, Autumn trees, Autumn hair styles

I can’t believe I’m about to say this but we’ve reached the last week of this half term!! We are well and truly settled into P1 and we have been working really hard!

So far we’ve covered the topics of “All about me” and “Autumn”.

We’ve learnt the first 6 sounds: s,a,t,p,i,n and we’re learning to write these correctly and identify them at the start and end of words. 

In maths we have been sorting (using Carroll, Tree and Venn diagrams), making patterns, looking at 2d shapes, started looking at heavy/light, we’ve been learning our days of the week, made pictographs and easy bar charts.We have used our numbers to 5 to count objects, make sets, order and match. We have also been learning how to form these numbers correctly.


We’ve been doing scissor skills, pencil control skills and listening skills.

Who says all we do in P1 is play?!  

Last week was maths week and our buddies came down to help us solve lots of problems in order to complete an Escape Room. We were held captive by robots but they were no match for Mr Donaghy’s P7s or Miss Brown’s P1s, a winning combination!!

We also had great fun making 2d shapes with our bodies, creating witches brew and forming graphs using ourselves as counters.


Have a look at our photographs.


We have also been looking at Rhyme. We love rhyming stories and had great fun writing our very own rhyming story after we’d looked at and completed activities for the Room on the Broom. 
Why don’t you watch the video of our story. We had great fun writing this


Our topic this term is: 

We will be learning all about;

  • Day and night
  • Colours
  • Electricity and lights
  • Nocturnal/diurnal animals
  • Space

These topics may create opportunities for discussion at home and family trips or outings. All of which bring meaningful and real life experiences. For our play we set up an amazing campsite where the children got to camp, make hot chocolate, fish, make shadows, track animal footprints and many more activities. We also have a city bedroom set up, where children can play as if at home whilst comparing city life to countryside camping.  
We have light boxes for mixing colours, space mats for small world play and use torches and other lights in the sand.

We even become real life scientists and experiment with colour explosions in our water tray! Why not come along to our Open Evening on 5th December and see how we learn through play for yourself. You will be amazed!

Twit, Twit, Twoo…


P1 have been learning all about nocturnal animals! As part of this we have been very busy making, writing and reading about owls and other nocturnal animals.

Did you know…

Not all owls are nocturnal
Owls fly silently
Owls have yellow, orange or black eyes
Owls can turn their heads right around

In autumn the plants, hedges and trees have seed sacks and berries which birds can eat. When the weather starts to get colder then birds find it hard to get food. We make bird feeders for the birds. We used cheerios and pipe cleaners to make our bird feeders then we hung them out on the fences  in the playground. 

What Is a Shadow?

You are running around in the park on a bright, sunny day, but you aren't alone. It seems that everywhere you go, something is following you. When you walk slowly, it walks slowly; and when you run, it runs! But you aren’t being chased by a person- it’s your shadow!

A shadow is the dark shape made when something blocks light. You must have a source of light in order to have shadows. 

Some sources of light include the sun, a light bulb in your room, a torch, or a campfire that you sit around and roast marshmallows. All kinds of things are great at blocking that light and making shadows, including trees, fences, buildings - and you!

We had great fun making shadow animals on the interactive whiteboard. We found out that the closer we are to the light the bigger the shadow is and the further away we are from the light the smaller the shadow is.

Camping can be lots of fun, with so many things to explore and experience! We thought we would like to try some of the fun camping activities that we discussed.

Have a look at our list of activities we thought we could do and then see the pictures of us doing some of the activities.


Our list of activities:

put up a tent
make a campfire
cook some hotdogs
make hot chocolate
sing songs
tell scary stories
look at the stars
make shadows
toast marshmallows

Oh no!!!! Eddie the Elf is back ........

Just in time for our Christmas Jumper Santa Run!!!

It was too cold for him to take part but he climbed the Christmas tree and supported all our little stars.


We have been using Eddie in our maths lessons, looking at measuring weight. We had to guess how many Gingerbread men and then how many chocolate doing it would take to balance the scales with Eddie the Elf.

This was great fun.

Have a look at our photographs.

December fun

This has been a really busy month, Open Night, Nativity shows,  P1 & 2 trip to “The Polar Express” and lots of seasonal crafts and fun.


The buddies have been regular visitors to our classroom, helping us investigate and solve problems as well as joining us for playtime.

We can’t wait to find out what is coming up in January for us all!!


Have a look at some of our December pictures

A King is Born

What a fantastic bunch of performers we have in Rosetta Primary School!

We had 2 spectacular performances of our show on Wednesday and Thursday.

If you weren't feeling festive and ready for Christmas before you saw the show you definitely left feeling more than ready to celebrate. Congratulations everyone!


Term 2


The Building Site

We will be learning all about;

People who work on a building site
Different styles of buildings
Buildings around the world
Processes of building

This topic is great for creating discussion at home, family trips or outings.  For our play area, we have set up an amazing real life building site with real tools, materials and our own DIY store.

We also have a fabulous architect’s office where the children can create their own buildings and forward their plans on to the builders.  In class we have real peg boards with hammers and nails, construction toys, blocks, Lego, stickle bricks, kinex and many more to create some amazing buildings.

This really is a fantastic topic for young children which creates so many opportunities for learning.

As part of our building site topic we have been learning the story of the three little pigs. We have acted out this story and even looked at the wolfs side! See how we made the houses using real materials and playdough…

Dig, dig, dig…. We have created our own building site in the sand, making tracks along the way…

We have so much fun in our building site. We can become a plumber, electrician, plasterer, architect or brick layer. You must remember to stay safe on the building site and always wear your high visibility jacket and hard hat!

We love Science!! We predicted and tested which roof would be the most waterproof for the three little pigs..

Have a look at what we did…

We used duplo blocks to create our own block graphs. We were all given a tower of duplo. Everyone’s tower was made up from different coloured bricks.
We sorted them into colour groups and counted how many of each colour we had. Then we created our graphs by colouring in the squares to represent each brick.

Everyone’s graph was different because everyone’s tower was different. 

We’ve had great fun this month developing our balancing and climbing skills in gymnastics! Maybe we should sign up for Gladiators!

January brought us some fantastic snow fun!

We really enjoyed building our snowmen and running around in the snow before it all melted away. 
Check out our chilly photos. 

Chinese New Year

This important date on the Chinese calendar has been celebrated for many centuries. During the festivities ancestors are honoured and traditional ceremonies are held where people get together and welcome the new year with customs that shall bring good luck, good fortune, wealth, prosperity and happiness.

The spring festival festivities for the new year take 15 days in most countries. The new year is often celebrated with dragon dances, lion dances, gift exchanging and fireworks. It ends typically with lantern festivals on the 15th day of the first calendar month.

We learnt about the animals in the zodiac and about the race which determined the animals that are celebrated. 
We made Chinese dragons and tasted yummy Chinese food. 

It’s International Language Day!

We have a very multicultural class and today we learnt how to say “hello” in 5 different languages. 
We were taught by our classmates to say “hello” in Japanese, Hungarian, Polish, Ukrainian and Italian. 

Run P1, Run!!!

It was another brilliant day at Rosetta Primary School today as the girls and boys, along with staff, ran the School Marathon fundraising event. Thankfully the snow stayed away and the dry conditions allowed for some super fast running. Well done to everyone who took part today to help run the marathon distance in a brilliant time!!


Celebrating World Book Day 2024

We're hugely excited to celebrate World Book Day, a day with a mission to promote reading for pleasure, offering every child and young person the opportunity to have a book of their own.

This year, World Book Day took place on Thursday 4 March 2024 and the emphasis was on making it YOUR World Book Day. Since it was first celebrated in the UK and Ireland over 25 years ago, the day has grown to become an important calendar fixture in Rosetta Primary School. It provides a fantastic opportunity to focus on reading for pleasure, supporting children's autonomy in book choice, and embedding a habit of reading that brings a wide range of benefits.


There’s nothing better than sharing a story with your buddy! Thank you to our P7 buddies for reading to us. We all love to celebrate reading together!!

We had great fun today when Constable Jane and Claire from Strandtown Police Station came to tell us all the ways they help us and our community. Thankfully they were only pretending to arrest Miss Shilliday and they released her before lunch time. 

What a great way to end the term with a visit from the Easter Bunny! We had great fun hunting around the garden to find our tasty treats! Have a super Easter everyone

Letterland Day

We know we’re racing towards the end of Primary One when we reach Letterland Day.  We’ve finished learning all our P1 sounds, we’re blending them together to make words for ourselves and we want to celebrate! What better way to do that than choose our favourite character and dress up!

Today we did just that! We had a fancy dress parade, made lots of letter crafts, created a graph of our favourite characters and had lots of fun using our letters.

Take a look at our photos and celebrate with us

P1 had fantastic fun today trying out some African Drumming! Thank you Thomas for a lovely morning. 

Miss Brown’s virtual tour P1 intake September 2021