Week beginning - 29/06/2020

 Hello everyone!  We've made it to the end of P2.  Our year has ended a bit strange but we truly had a fantastic time together this year.  It was lovely to see some of you on Wednesday when you collected your reports.  You all know who your teacher will be in P3 now and I'm sure you will have lots of fun no matter where you are. 


I hope you all have a lovely, well earned break over the summer and have lots of fun!  I can't wait to see you on your first day back after the summer.  Remember that on your first day you willl line up where you did for P2 and I will come and meet you to take you to your new (or old) teacher.


Have a look at the slideshow below to see some of the amazing times we had together this year!  You have all made me so proud with how hard you have worked and how brave you have all been.

Lots of love,


Miss Stevenson.


Extra resources

The following resources are not a requirement but just an added extra and helpful resources just in case!  Some of these resources may require a printer BUT remember they are not necessary! 


You will find the 'End of Year Memories' worksheet and the Barnaby Bear  worksheets below.

 3D shape properties.pptDownload
 3D shape what am I.pptDownload
 End of year memories worksheet.docDownload
 Fluffy Clouds and Bees spelling week 9 - 10.docDownload
 Icicles and Beetles spellings week 9 - 10.docDownload
 Local area Barnaby Bear.pdfDownload
 Rainbows Raindrops Caterpillars Ladybirds spelling week 9 - 10.docDownload
 Tables weeks 9 - 10 closures.docDownload
 Waterproof materials worksheet.pdfDownload
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Please download the file below for detailed instructions on how to access Oxford Reading Tree reading books at home. 

 Oxford Owl Reading details.docDownload
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 The below learning pack covers a lot of the areas we have learned in P2 this year and is usesful as an additional learning pack.

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You can also download 6 free Biff and Chip book for e-readers from the following website:



We have also found a fantastic online reading site that is available for free.  myON has been created by the creators of Accelerated Reader has a wide range of free online books that are suitable for children from P1 - P7.  You can optimise the search function to suit your child's age.






Oak National School is offering online learning via video sessions for all primary year groups.  They have a fantastic range of resources that can help your children with their home learning.  In order to access the files follow the link below and select 'Online classroom'.  When prompted set the year group as 'Year 1' - this is the English equivalent to P2. 



Please find the templates from previous weeks's learning as downloadable Word files.

 P2 Home Learning template week 1.docDownload
 P2 Home Learning template week 10.docDownload
 P2 Home Learning template week 11.docDownload
 P2 Home Learning template week 12.docDownload
 P2 Home Learning template week 2.docDownload
 P2 Home Learning template week 3.docDownload
 P2 Home Learning template week 4.docDownload
 P2 Home Learning template week 5.docDownload
 P2 Home Learning template week 6.docDownload
 P2 Home Learning template week 7.docDownload
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UPDATE - We are living through some truly unprecedented times and this will be an important part of history in the future.  I will be uploading some links for downloadable 'Quarantine Time Capsule' diaries and booklets which would be a fantastic resource to hold on to for when your children are older.  Feel free to download and print them out if you want.






Get fresh air when you can and have regular breaks. 


Most importantly stay safe, look after yourselves and listen to your family. We miss you and cannot wait to get you back in school.