The Pirates of the Curry Bean


P6 and P7 took part in the play The Pirates of the Curry Bean, and really enjoyed performing as the characters as well as singing and dancing. The audience had a blast watching the children performing for them.


STEM K’Nex Competition


The following Primary 7 pupils were chosen to represent Rosetta’s STEM team: Luca Vericat, Adam Azfar, Finlay Keir and Jasmine Robinson.

The two teams visited the Belfast Boys’ Model school to take part in the Sentinus STEM K’Nex Challenge Belfast Heat. They competed against many other schools from across Belfast.

The pupils were set a challenge to build a children’s playground, with at least 3 different activities to play with within the playground. Both teams did very well and just missed out on qualifying for the Northern Ireland Finals.

Well done to all!



Primary 7 took part in a difficult and fun challenge where each team were given 1 roll of tape, 1 pair of scissors and 1 newspaper to build the tallest standing tower using as little tape as possible.


World Book Day


Primary 7 took part in World Book Day by reading stories to their Primary 1 buddies, a great chance for Primary 1 pupils to improve their reading and listening skills. Some couples were later broadcasted on UTV (Ulster Television) reading to the Primary 1 buddies and sharing their names. 


Irish Football Association Visit


The Irish Football Association took Primary 7 for a football session, which is part of the Everybody Active 2020 programme.



Primary 7 went to the Radar Activity Centre to learn about some of the dangers that we face in life in different situations and while using various everyday appliances.

This included: crossing the road, getting onto a bus, fire safety, electricity, household dangers, social media, travelling safely around the community to name more than a few.

The children were very engaged and took away a lot of valuable knowledge of general safety.


Edina Trust Bulb Project


Primary 7 took part in the Edina Trust Bulb Project. In November, we planted crocus, daffodil and some mystery bulbs in our courtyard. Half of the bulbs were planted in pots and the other half were planted directed into the soil. Since then we have kept a careful eye on the plants until they flower in early March or April.


Chest, Heart and Stroke Workshop


Primary 7 took part in a Chest Heart and Stroke workshop. In the workshop we took part in lots of fun activities and learnt about the dangers of smoking.

One of the most eye opening and effective activities that we took part in, was were they took a picture of Sarah and edited it to age her to 72. We were able to see what she would look like if she didn’t smoke and what she would look like if she did smoke – have a look at the difference yourself in the photos. We also learnt about the many different chemicals (including poisonous ones) that are in a cigarette and we were told what could happen if we start smoking when we are older.


Planet Size and Distance Activity


Primary 7 drew each of the planets in our solar system and scaled them down by one billion to make them small enough to hold in your hand. Can you believe Mercury was 4.9 millimetres in diameter?! We then stood at the scaled down distance of the planets, Mercury being 1 step away from the sun and Neptune being 78 steps away from the sun.


Classroom Displays




Extern Workshop


P7 have completed two Extern workshops on how to cope with stress. We learned about the signs of being stressed, such as being easily annoyed or feeling a lot more tired than usual. We also learned about how we can make ourselves feel less stressed by watching a movie or having a long bath. We talked about how if we feel stressed we can talk to someone we trust. We learned some tactics on how to relax and breathe better when we are stressed. The advice the lady gave us is very helpful, especially for the children doing the AQE and GL tests.