P6 and P7 took part in the play The Pirates of the Curry Bean, and really enjoyed performing as the characters as well as singing and dancing. The audience had a blast watching the children performing for them.






Primary 6 went to Delamont on Monday 8th October and returned on Wednesday 10th October.

We all had a fantastic time in Delamont and the children developed a wide range of skills.

The children completed a range of challenging activities:

  • Adventure walk
  • Archery
  • Camp fire
  • Climbing wall
  • Nature Trail
  • Night walk
  • Nightline
  • Play park
  • Survival skills + fire building

We tried a range of new things and displayed strength when facing their fears.

Throughout the stay at Delamont, the children developed a range of skills including:

  • Organisational skills
  • Listening skills
  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork
  • Trusting other people
  • Resilience
  • Being willing to take a risk
  • Facing fears

We also learnt about the fox cub that lives in Delamont, but unfortunately no-one saw it...

The children really impressed and showed great skill and resilience when completing the challenges.


Getting wet on our adventure walk and taking the plunge!

Check out our archery skills

Fearless climbing

Survival skills

Camp fire craic

Having fun at the play park


When we returned to school we completed a range of tasks based on what we did and learnt in Delamont.

  • A recount of our trip
  • A plan of the bedrooms or dining room
  • A menu for Delamont
  • How to complete the different activities
  • Research based on Delamont Country Park
  • Research based on Strangford Lough
  • Research based on foxes
  • Our happiest memory
  • The scariest thing that happened