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Nursery Virtual Tour


Please take the time to watch this video with your child, so they can see what their teacher and classroom before coming to school.


Nursery Induction Presentation






Goodbye Nursery!

I cannot believe it is the end of your Nursery year and that you will be going to P1 in a few months time! I'm so sorry that our time in Nursery was cut short together and I have missed you all. If you are going to stay in Rosetta for P1, then I will make sure to come and visit your new classroom with your new teacher. If you are moving to a new school for P1, I wish you the best of luck for starting your new school in September. Have a lovely summer; have lots of fun and I will see you in September!

Miss Gibson


Information for children starting P1 September 2020

Miss Brown P1 September 2020

Mr Melville P1 September 2020

Transition and Preparing for P1 

June Home Learning Activities

May Home Learning Activities

The children in Nursery have been busy drawing, using paint and the interactive whiteboard. So much learning already!



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