P2 - Mrs Buchanan and Miss McMaster


We have been developing our programming skills this month. We have learned how to instruct the bee-bot to move to different shapes on the mat. 

Our P7 digital leaders came down and demonstrated how to use the bee-bot app on the ipads. This has helped improve our understanding of directional language.


P1 and 2 performed 'Manger Mouse' for the whole school and for all our family and friends. The performance went very well and all our hard work paid off.



We have lots of great literacy activities. We have been using our phonics to sound out some 4 letter words. 

Wildlife Walk

P2 had a brilliant time looking for minibeasts out in our field. We discussed the different colours and textures of all the things we found.

Have a look at our slideshow below to see us exploring!



Our first topic this term is “Healthy Me”. We have been discussing how to stay fit and healthy and learning about germs and hygiene; eating a healthy diet and thinking about the role of doctors, nurses and dentists. Our role play area is set up as a health centre so we have the opportunity to practise our phonics writing a patient’s medical notes or prescriptions and working out money totals in the pharmacy.

Bathtime for the babies! We are making sure germs don’t make them sick.

Our playdough smells of apples. We like to use our letter cutters to make healthy biscuits.

The girls are making “Get Well” cards at the writing table.

We made a delicious and healthy fruit salad. We peeled, washed and chopped the fruit ourselves. It was really yummy!

In phonics we have been practising spelling and reading simple three letter words. The vowel sounds are the trickiest!

In maths we have been doing data handling. We did a survey to find out which was the favourite fruit in our class. Then we made a bar chart on the interactive whiteboard and transferred the information to our individual bar chart. Strawberries are our favourite!

We have been sorting using a venn diagram and discovering some objects fit into more than one set. Kai and Anastasia have used an overlapping venn diagram to sort for vehicles that are pink/ aeroplanes.