P1 - Miss Brown

Pumpkin Soup

We made delicious pumpkin soup today. We had to do lots of peeling, chopping and slicing. We put all the vegetables into a soup maker and added some stock.

We cooked the soup over lunch time. When we came in from our lunch we were able to taste the soup. Have a look at the photos to see what fun we had!!


Harvest time

Today we celebrated Harvest in our assembly. We talked about how we have so much food, the supermarkets are full of things for us to try. We sang about all the food that's in our trolley.

We brought in lots of tins of food for the South Belfast Food Bank. It is good to share what we have with those who need our help.


Autumn is a colourful season.

We can use all of our senses as we walk around.

The leaves change colour and fall to the ground, they crunch as we walk through them.

We walked to Cherryvale to see what signs of Autumn we could find.

We had lots of fun.

We didn't see any squirrels, we had hoped we would see them gathering acorns for hibernation.

We will be having lots of fun back in school with all that we collected today.

As a special treat we got to play in the park. Today was so much fun!!!


WELCOME TO P1 with Miss Brown!!


Well done to all the Primary One children who have settled in so well. A big thank you to parents for all your support so far. It is much appreciated!

Already the children have made lots of new friends and have learnt many new skills.

The children have been learning;

- to sort, match, count and recognise numbers within 10

- make sets and patterns

- pre writing and pre reading skills

- to make class rules and be a good friend  

- all about People Who Help Us in our home, school and community


In Primary One it is important to encourage the children to be independent. As parents you can help by; 


- encouraging your child to get dressed in the morning

- letting your child carry his/her own bag to school

- encouraging your child to put on his/her own shoes

- saying good bye to your child at the entrance doors

What to bring each day

  • School bag
  • Reading folder
  • 1 healthy snack for break
  • Lunch in lunch box
  • Dinner money – collected on a Monday